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Migration instructions (2.x to v3)


  1. Run your WizBot Updater first, and make sure your bot is updated to at least 2.46.5
    • Run your 2.46.5 Bot and make sure it works, and then stop it
    • Close your old WizBot Updater
  2. Get the new WizBot v3 Updater here Currently not available
  3. Click on the + icon to add a new bot
  4. Next to the path, click on the folder icon and select the folder where your 2.46.5 bot is
    • ℹ In case you're not sure where it's located, you can open your old updater and see it
  5. If you've selected the correct path, you should have an Update button available, click it
  6. You're done; you can now run your bot, and you can uninstall your old updater if you no longer have 2.x bots
  7. 🎉


  1. In order to migrate a bot hosted on Linux, first update your current version to the latest 2.x version using the 2.x installer, run the bot, and make sure it works. Then:
    • Run the old installer with cd ~ && wget -N && bash
    • Run option 1 again
    • You MUST Run the bot now to ensure database is ready for migration
    • Type .stats and ensure the version is 2.46.5 or later
    • Stop the bot
  2. Make sure your bot's folder is called WizBot
    • Run cd ~ && ls
    • Confirm there is a folder called WizBot (not wizbot, in all lowercase)
  3. Migrate your bot's data using the new installer:
    • Run the new installer cd ~ && wget -N && bash
    • The installer should notify you that your data is ready for migration in a message above the menu.
    • Install prerequisites (type 1 and press enter), and make sure it is successful
    • Download WizBot v3 (type 2 and press enter)
    • Run the bot (type 3 and press enter)
  4. Make sure your permissions, custom reactions, credentials, and other data is preserved
    • .stats to ensure owner id (credentials) is correct
    • .lcr to see custom reactions
    • .lp to list permissions
  5. 🎉 Enjoy. If you want to learn how to update the bot, click here


⚠ WizBot v3 requires .net 5

  1. In order to migrate a bot hosted on Linux or from source on Windows
    • First update your current version to the latest 2.x version using the 2.x installer
    • Then you must run the bot to prepare the database for the migration, and make sure the bot works prior to upgrade. Then:
  2. Rename your old wizbot bot folder to wizbot_2x
    • mv WizBot wizbot_2x
  3. Build the new version and move old data to the output folder
    1. Clone the v3 branch to a separate folder
      • git clone -b v3 --depth 1
    2. Build the bot
      • dotnet publish -c Release -o output/ src/WizBot/
    3. Copy old data
      • ⚠ Be sure you copy the correct command for your system!
      • Windows: cp -r -fo wizbot_2x/src/WizBot/data wizbot/src/WizBot/data
      • Linux: cp -rf wizbot_2x/src/WizBot/data wizbot/src/WizBot/data
    4. Copy the database
      • cp wizbot_2x/src/WizBot/bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1/data/WizBot.db wizbot/output/data
    5. Copy your credentials
      • cp wizbot_2x/src/WizBot/credentials.json wizbot/output/
  4. Run the bot
    • cd wizbot/output
    • dotnet WizBot.dll
  5. That's it. Just make sure that when you're updating the bot, you're properly backing up your old data.

Last update: September 30, 2021
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