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Getting started

Getting Started

What is the Medusa system?

  • It is a dynamic module/plugin/cog system for WizBot introduced in WizBot 4.1.0

  • Allows developers to add custom functionality to WizBot without modifying the original code

  • Allows for those custom features to be updated during bot runtime (if properly written), without the need for bot restart.

  • They are added to data/medusae folder and are loaded, unloaded and handled through discord commands.

    • .meload Loads the specified medusa (see .h .meload)
    • .meunload Unloads the specified medusa (see .h .meunload)
    • .meinfo Checks medusae information (see .h .meinfo)
    • .melist Lists the available medusae (see .h .melist)

How to make one?

Medusae are written in C# programming language, so you will need at least low-intermediate knowledge of it in order to make a useful Medusa.

Follow the creating a medusa guide

Where to get medusae other people made?

It is EXTREMELY, and I repeat EXTREMELY dangerous to run medusae of strangers or people you don't FULLY trust.
It can not only lead to your bot being stolen, but it also puts your entire computer and personal files in jeopardy.

It is strongly recommended to run only the medusae you yourself wrote, and only on a hosted VPS or dedicated server which ONLY hosts your bot, to minimize the potential damage caused by bad actors.