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WizBot is an open-source project, and we rely on your help to develop the bot, pay hosting fees, maintain our website and more. Donations go a long way in helping us keep the project alive, and we appreciate every single one of them.


Donating to us also gives you the following benefits:

  • A hoisted Donators role in our Discord server
  • Access to exclusive #noticed text and voice channels
  • 1000 flowers on the public bot per dollar donated (after fees)
  • Expressions on the public bot for Patreon pledges of $5 or higher


You can set up a monthly pledge on Patreon and support the project's growth, and also get flower rewards for every month you donate!


Connect your Discord account on Patreon to receive your flowers automatically



You can also donate to us through PayPal for one-time donations using the button below.


Mention your Discord tag (Username#1234) in the payment note to receive flower rewards.